ScarWork Therapy

Scars are important part of our body, and should not be overlooked when addressing restrictions in movement, mobility and pain / discomfort.  As scars form and mature the tissue created tends to be more fibrous (thicker), and adhesions are often laid down.  This results in the quality of the tissue, and functionality of the area being compromised.  Many people feel a disconnect to areas where there has been trauma / surgery, or their awareness is more often drawn to the area creating uncomfortable sensations.


In March 2019 I completed Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork course.   These revolutionary techniques are gentle in approach, and work gradually from superficial to deeper layers creating far reaching positive changes.  Techniques are delivered over a number treatments (usually minimum of 4 and up to 8), and combined with massage / soft tissue work to help the body release and adjust.

In December 2020 I also completed an advanced diploma in adapting massage techniques for the oncology client.  This allows me to treat people who have gone through cancer treatment improving the scar tissue after both surgery and radiation therapy.

Scars treated:
– Caesarean Section (C-section) scars
– Abdominal scars, including laparoscopic (keyhole) procedures and hysterectomies
Scarwork2– Lumpectomy and Mastectomy scars
– Scars resulting from Accidents
– Surgical scars
– Burn sites
– Joint replacements
– Childhood scars
plus many more…



Benefits of ScarWork Therapy include the following:

☀️ Reduce tightness in the area, and thereby having an effect all around the body

☀️ By reducing tightness we can improve mobility, not just around joints, but even abdominal scarring can cause restrictions in movement around the torso and into the pelvis.

☀️ Stimulate and boost healing by encouraging the flow of blood into the area and the movement of lymph. This allows the tissues to be renourished and rehydrated, improving their quality and functionality.

☀️ By improving healing we can also reduce sensitivity and numbness in the area, allowing the area to feel more like ‘part of your own body’ again.

☀️ It may improve the visual look of the scar and the surrounding tissues.

☀️ Work on scars can help with emotional health attached to the trauma behind the scar. Some people find acceptance, or simply able to rediscover this part of their body.



If you have any questions regarding ScarWork, and how it may benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact me.