Traumatic Birth Recovery


Giving birth is meant to be a magical time.  Whether we have carefully thought out birthplans, or just let things ‘happen’, sometimes the reality is very different.  This is not necessarily to say that the outcome is bad, because in fact many parents are made to feel, that because because they and the baby are fine, that they should be grateful, but the memories of the experience are still there.  They may be impacting on your everyday life, or they may be resurfacing now that you are thinking about being or are pregnant with another child.  Symptoms may include:

  • feeling anxious
  • being hypervilant, in a state of alert, including over your child
  • feeling angry
  • feeling numb and detached
  • insomnia
  • flashbacks, very real and intrusive fragmented memories
  • sadness
  • avoidance of things to do with the event, including talking about the birth
  • panic attacks


 If this is you, you are not alone, and this is not uncommon.  You have been through   your own traumatic experience, and your body is dealing with it in the way that it feels is best.  The 3 step rewind method uses relaxation and visualisation to ‘recategorise’ the memory, so that the body no longer views it as something traumatic, but as just another memory that can be stored alongside the other ones that make up your life.  This method is usually delivered over 2 face to face sessions, although more may be required.  The first session can usually take between 1.5 – 2hrs, whilst the subsequent sessions can be shorter.  This method does not require you to retell the event if that is your preference, all you need to be able to do is recall the memories.

This method is not just for the mums.  Dads and birthing partners can suffer from a traumatic birth experience as well, and are more than welcome to contact me.

Cost is £60 per session for the first session.  Additional sessions required cost £40.  Mobile appointments are also available for an additional fee.   Free initial phone consultation is included to discuss whether this method is the right course of action for you.

Find out what others have said about the treatment:

“Following the birth of my first daughter, I had suppressed all the negative and traumatic feelings and memories…believing that I should ‘just be grateful that myself and my baby were healthy’. Nobody asked me if I was ok or if I needed to talk about the birth. What resulted was difficulties with bonding with my baby, PND and what I later realised was trauma related to the birth. I only really realised the magnitude of the problem when I fell pregnant with my second child and had to confront the first experience. It was so bad that I opted for an elective c-section to avoid the feelings of being out of control and unsafe. However as my pregnancy progressed I realised that this was a problem that I needed resolved…fearing that the effects of my first birth would impact on my ability to bond with my new baby. I happened to come across Sam by chance and while I was very late into my pregnancy, I thought it couldn’t hurt to try NLP. I had 3 sessions with Sam, going through the trauma experience and then focusing on my ideal self. Sam was so supportive, validating and kind throughout and made me feel safe and reassured that while my experience had been traumatic, it could be processed. Following these sessions I decided that I didn’t want to go through with the c-section – I had quite the emotional breakdown when I went to the preparation class and knew it wasn’t the right decision for me.
Instead I chose to wait for things to happen naturally…which thankfully they did. I managed to stay at home for a while before heading up to the community midwife unit where I laboured in the birthing pool for 3.5 hours before then delivering our beautiful daughter on the morning of 18th Feb. All natural, with only the help of gas and air! It was a truly wonderful experience and I am sure that without Sams help I wouldn’t have had the courage to make the decisions I did! Since then I have been feeling great, feeling like I have much more trust in myself and a lot of the guilt and shame I had about my first daughters birth has dissipated and I’m beginning to feel like the ‘ideal’ self that we discussed in the imagery work. I just want to thank you Sam for all your help in getting me to a place where I could have the labour I’d always wanted and help me feel more confident in myself as a parent 😊 thank you so much! Xx” – Anon – Glasgow

“Met with Sam for the Rewind Therapy after a traumatic birth experience causing anxieties in my day to day life and particularly during my current pregnancy. Sam was so lovely and welcoming, she immediately put me at ease and it was easy to open up about what I had been through. She explained each step of the Rewind Therapy to me thoroughly. After 2 sessions with Sam I feel I have dealt with the anxieties that were holding me back from enjoying my current pregnancy and I’ve even managed to plan my hospital bag – something I kept putting off before. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has been through a traumatic birth that continues to have an impact on day to day life” Clare – Glasgow