LymphaTouch® – Therapeutic excellence for the treatment of scars and muscular issues

LymphaTouch® is a versatile medical device which makes the treatment of soft tissue injuries and scars more effective and efficient.

Everyday use on muscular issues

Negative pressure (lifting the tissues rather than ‘pushing’ them down) gives an additional dimension to my treatments.  Allowing an area to decompress is like allowing the tissues (fascia, connective tissues and muscles) to breath. This is particularly effective where restrictions are creating pain. The LymphaTouch® offers a gentle but effective alternative to traditional massage techniques.

All treatments are available at both locations

Appointments are available at a range of different times including weekends.

Enhances Scar Work treatments

LymphaTouch® treatments on scars aid the long term outcome by improving fluid movement in the area.  The negative pressure and vibration help soften scar tissue, improving fibrosis, reducing the impact of adhesions and stimulating the tissues to help normalise sensations.  For scars impacting joints such as hip and knee replacements, the treatment can improve the tissue function and reduce localised swelling, thereby improving range of movement in the joint.

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Whether you are an office worker, keen runner, pregnant, a new mum or dad, or simply dealing with stress, the principles are the same.