Remedial massage offers a range of benefits, aiming to get to the root cause of the issue.

Remedial massage offers a range of benefits, aiming to get to the root cause of the issue.

This therapeutic approach aims to alleviate aches and pains by assessing and treating the whole body. Whether these aches are holding you back in your physical fitness, affecting your daily life, or creating compensatory patterns in the way you move and hold your body, assessing and treating the root cause will improve the longer term outcomes. Beyond the physical realm, massage reduces stress and anxiety, fostering holistic well-being and improved quality of life.

Remedial massage can be used either in a rehab setting to address specific issues or as a regular treatment keeping your body and mind in the right space.

The principles of remedial massage are to reduce muscular tension, improve range of movement, and restore balance in the musculoskeletal system where appropriate. I aim to work with you to achieve an improvement in around three treatments with ongoing assessment and advice. Pain may be postural, related to a physical lifestyle or trauma related, for example resulting from an accident or surgery.

Many of my clients use the treatments to be proactive in their own health by reducing the risk injuries, and simply taking time for themselves.

Through regular massage you become aware of potential issues and resolve them, before they get to a persistent injury state. This is ideal for those people with stressful lives, physically demanding jobs or are actively training / working out.

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Visceral Manipulation allows me to treat the body from the inside out.

Visceral Manipulation, developed by world-renowned French osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral, is a technique where the tensions caused inside the body by the connective tissues and structures / organs, are considered alongside the muscular tensions that are traditionally treated by massage therapists.

To put it simply rather than just looking at just the container (the muscles and skeleton), visceral manipulation takes into account the contents (fascia, connective tissue, ligaments and organs).

This is a gentle approach which works with the body to assess and release restrictions. The techniques are integrated in the treatments, and not only have positive effects on muscular aches and pains, but can help structural and functional aspects of the body including the digestive and respiratory systems.

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Whether you are an office worker, keen runner, pregnant, a new mum or dad, or simply dealing with stress, the principles are the same.