Unlocking Healing: The Profound Benefits of Scar Massage

Unlocking Healing: The Profound Benefits of Scar Massage

Scars tell stories—stories of resilience, healing, and survival. Yet, beneath the surface, scars often bring physical discomfort and emotional reminders of past traumas. Enter scar work massage, a therapeutic technique that extends beyond aesthetic concerns, delving into the realms of physical and emotional well-being.

Physical Restoration: Reducing the impact

Scar tissue, while essential for wound healing, can lead to adhesions and restrictions in the surrounding tissues. Scar work massage employs a variety of techniques to reduce the effects of these adhesions, promoting improved fluid movement and improving tissue function. Gentle, targeted pressure helps soften the scar tissue, reducing it’s impact on not just surrounding tissues, but throughout the whole body.

Post surgery, or within the injury rehab setting, scar work can be an important component. Treatments can improve the look, feel and sensation of the scar and surrounding area.

Trained in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork, these techniques are gentle in approach, and work gradually from superficial to deeper layers creating positive changes. I hold an advanced diploma in adapting massage techniques for the oncology client, which allows me to treat those who have gone through cancer treatment improving the scar tissue after both surgery and radiation therapy.

Scars treated:

– Caesarean section (c-section) scars
– Abdominal scars, including laparoscopic (keyhole) procedures, hysterectomies, appendectomies
– Lumpectomy and mastectomy scars
– Scars resulting from accidents
– Surgical scars
– Burn sites
– Joint replacements
– Childhood scars
plus many more…


C-section scar massage offers crucial benefits for postpartum recovery. Gentle, targeted massage helps soften and mobilise scar tissue, reducing the effects of adhesions and promoting optimal healing. For many it helps normalise the sensation in the abdomen, providing reassurance, and makes the area feel like you again!

All treatments are available in both locations

Enhanced Appearance: Fading the Marks

While scar massage primarily focuses on functional improvement, it can also have aesthetic benefits. By promoting fluid (blood and lymph) movement within the tissues, scar work massage may help improve look, feel and texture of the scar. 

What to expect in a treatment

  • Treatments include a full consultation to find out the outcomes you are aiming for.
  • Scar Work should always be comfortable, and never painful, working within your comfort levels.
  • Self care advice including self massage may be given.
  • If you are not physically or emotionally ready to work directly on the scar – it’s ok, there is lots of really beneficial work I can do around the area which will help.
  • The amount of treatments varies depending on many factors.

Why not find out more about my treatments?

Whether you are an office worker, keen runner, pregnant, a new mum or dad, or simply dealing with stress, the principles are the same.

It is never too late to treat a scar!

It is never too late to start scar work. Whilst ‘older’ scars may take longer to respond, we can still make profound changes to both the scar, it’s surrounding area, and it’s relationship with the whole body.  I often treat scars that are 5, 10 or 20 years old. If you have a scar that you would like to discuss please don’t hesitate to contact me.