Remedial massage and soft tissue therapist in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire.

Remedial massage and soft tissue therapist in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire.

Remedial massage and soft tissue therapist in Glasgow (Cambuslang) and South Lanarkshire (East Kilbride). Working with you to help alleviate aches, pains and tension sustained during everyday life. Whether you are an office worker, keen runner, pregnant, postnatal, recovering from surgery or a specific injury or simply dealing with stress, the principles are the same.

What is the benefit of massage?

The benefits of a massage are relaxation, decreased tension and restoring balance to the body.

Beyond the physical benefits, massage can provide emotional support by offering a sense of nurturing touch and relaxation, which can improve mood.

Stress Reduction & Emotional Well-being

Beyond the physical benefits, massage can provide emotional support by offering a sense of nurturing touch and relaxation, which can improve sleep quality and mood.

Improved fluid movement in areas of injury, tension and scar tissue

The manipulation of soft tissues during massage can help fluid movement in the area, aiding long term recovery from injury or surgery

Pain Relief

Massage can alleviate muscle tension and discomfort, reducing pain and stiffness in the body. By promoting healing and reducing inflammation we can improve movement patterns, joint range of movement and compensatory patterns.

Why Choose My Services?

My aim is to help you feel more comfortable in your body. This could be simply through relaxation, addressing specific aches and pains, or helping areas of your body feel more like you again after surgery or radiotherapy, birth and c-sections, or trauma such as road traffic accidents. A full consultation ensures that the bigger picture is taken into account and the treatment is appropriate to you.

Along with Swedish, Remedial and Sports massage I am also trained in specific scar work and visceral manipulation, a combination which I love and allows me to work with your body in a variety of ways, ensuring treatments are tailored to your needs. At the heart of what I practise is the simple truth that we are all individual and therefore treatments, recovery and advice will all be specific and unique to you.

Remedial massage offers a range of benefits, aiming to get to the root cause of the issue.

This therapeutic approach aims to alleviate aches and pains by assessing and treating the whole body. Whether these aches are holding you back in your physical fitness, affecting your daily life, or creating compensatory patterns in the way you move and hold your body, assessing and treating the root cause will improve the longer term outcomes.


Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy is a miraculous and transformative journey, marked by numerous physical and emotional changes. As the body adapts to the growing life within, it undergoes a myriad of challenges that can sometimes lead to discomfort and stress.


The Benefits of Scar Massage

Scars tell stories—stories of resilience, healing, and survival. Yet, beneath the surface, scars often bring physical discomfort and emotional reminders of past traumas. Enter scar work massage, a therapeutic technique that extends beyond aesthetic concerns, delving into the realms of physical and emotional well-being.



LymphaTouch® – Therapeutic excellence for faster recovery

LymphaTouch® is a versatile medical device which makes the treatment of soft tissue injuries and scars more effective and efficient.


Visceral Manipulation – treating from the inside out

Assessing and treating the tensions within the connective tissues and structures surrounding our organs, to help how the body moves and functions.


What Clients are saying…

Just had my fourth appointment with Sam for remedial scar therapy. There is such an improvement in my skin since my first visit. I also get my arm and shoulder massaged to help alleviate tightness and I’m already looking forward to going back in a month. Would totally recommend Sam if you have scar or pain issues.’

J Morrison, Airdrie

I wasn’t sure to expect with a csection massage but Sam was so amazing. She welcomed me into her home, had a chat before and after the massage and explained so much about my scar to me that I hadn’t been told in the hospital. Cannot reccomend Sam enough. Thank you!’

Emma R, Glasgow

‘Soo good! More than just a massage! Has really got to the source of my back pain- sleeping better after just one massage. Would recommend to any pregnant mummies getting uncomfortable!’

Linda A, Glasgow

Sam is brilliant! I was really struggling with pain very early on in my second pregnancy and she has provided the best relief. I actually slept through for the first time in weeks. Have used her home space and at the fitness centre and both spaces are lovely, quiet and relaxing. Just what I needed but just wish I could go every week.’

Kirsty B, Cumbernauld

I have been attending Sam for c section massage. In recent months I have had my 2nd section.

Sam has gave me so much advice on how to help my recovery, understand my scar and what my body has gone through. Since having massages this time round, I am getting better feeling back and my scar is certainly less tight. I highly recommend anyone who has had a section to visit Sam for a massage. I wish I went to Sam after my 1st section.’

Aileen D, Glasgow

Sam doesn’t just spend time massaging, she has so much advice on and understanding of the body its mind blowing. She advocates for your body to you, and I certainly always come out the better for following her lead.’

Lindsey C, Burntisland

Another fab massage from Sam. Legs are feeling great – Sam is keeping them in good working order on a weekly basis in the run up to the big race!
Highly recommended – get yourself booked up soon!’

Gav G, Bothwell

Another great massage from Sam tonight! Thank you so much and for your advice on my post baby body. So professional, friendly and amazing healing hands!’

Kirsty M, East Kilbride

‘I first went to see Sam about a problem with my neck and shoulder. Sam was incredibly kind and welcoming and explained everything step by step. She helped me realise my problem originated with the treatment I’d had for Breast Cancer which included a lumpectomy and Radiotherapy. Sam treated the resulting scar tissue and has made a huge difference to my everyday life. Amazingly, my breast no longer feels like an alien but part of me again! I had no idea my scar tissue could be treated, and I’m so glad I found Sam!’

Rachael O, Glasgow

Amazing appointment with Sam, as always. Sam has great knowledge and makes me feel really relaxed to ask anything. I have had two c-sections and am currently 7 months postnatal. I’m struggling with the c-section ‘shelf’ but Sam is helping to soften the appearance and work on my digestive health too. Can’t recommend more highly!’

Jane M, Glasgow